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Goods for your Garden - Setting the Scene

Getting the goods for your garden and learning to set the scene

Little Giant FP-VPPF Vintage Pump Planter Fountain (14940295) Whether it is your first garden or you’ve got an experienced green thumb there are important factors to take into consideration when developing your garden. In order to manage this task do what a professional would do and put your ideas on paper. Consider your landscape and brainstorm about the sun, layout, lighting, wind, style, plant selection, pottery and accessories. Adding this step may take extra time at first but in the long run can prevent unnecessary frustrations from occurring. To begin the list of things you would like to add to your garden take inventory of the site and make note of what is already in the space, such as: existing plants, fencing, concrete, pathways, the position of the home and any pools or ponds. An important part of this process is deciding how you would like the view from your home to be. Take into consideration the position of windows that look out into the space you are remodeling so that you can enjoy your work from both the inside and the outside. While evaluating the view make notes and sketches that can be used to design the garden.

Now that you know where and how you would like to view the space you can decide what you would like to put into the garden. A list of products that you would like to include in this space can be made. Take these ideas into consideration: flower beds, ponds, fountains, outdoor lighting, and planting accessories such as planters.

World Imports 9057-47 Exterior 6 Light Hanging Lantern, Oiled BronzeLike the design of a room the garden can be designed to fit your personal style. It is important to remember this when deciding where items will be placed as the area needs to be functional. For instance take lighting into consideration when deciding where to place outdoor furniture. If you are going to enjoy the space in the evening hours place the lighting according to the seating areas so that you are able to view walkways to the seating and enjoy the view. Hanging lanterns can be placed along the walkway and outdoor chandeliers can be placed over the seating area for optimal viewing.

Think of this outdoor landscape as an extension of your home that can be used to draw attention from visitors. Accessories can be used to tie the gardens theme as well as your distinctive style together. Proper choices of ornaments can also help transition the garden from one season to the next so that you can alter plant arrangements without having to purchase new accessories.

Little Giant FP-WT-W Woodland Trough with Planter (566762)Ornaments are also useful in helping to create a focal point, in doing so it keeps the viewers attention in a central area instead of tempting the eye to wander from plant to plant. Adornments that create focal points are not limited to large or bulky items, while size is one factor to take into consideration, focal points can be created through the proper use of color and shape, this is where your personal style comes in to play. The focal point then becomes a source of balance for the rest of the space. This is also known as directing the eye, the focal point becomes the first thing the eyes sees and the surrounding plants and accessories are used to balance and highlight the focal point. With proper planning and creativity the garden can be fundamental in adding square footage to your home. Make this living space a place for all to enjoy throughout the seasons and the garden can become your outdoor sanctuary.

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