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From Old to Chic the Clawfoot Tub is no Longer a Thing of the Past

Styles change, new styles are created and others combined, from old to chic the clawfoot tub is no longer a thing of the past

Remodeled Bathroom Courtesy of American Bath Factory What’s old is new and clawfoot bathtubs are no exception. As these bathtubs have evolved over the last century they have gone from needing to have the water heated over the stove to having champagne blowers, and jets installed. So why has this timely piece come back into style? Much like classic cars, appliances and paintings; originality and design are key points of interest in the home décor business.

Kohler and American Standard were two of the first companies to create these clawfoot tubs, the drop in tub is a relatively new creation that was developed to ease cleaning in and around the tub. Much to the surprise of clawfoot tub owners the bathtubs are actually built for comfort. This is most commonly seen in the slipper style clawfoot bathtub. The slipper style clawfoot tub is raised higher on one end. This creates a high sloping back. The design mimics the recliner affect, giving the user the ability to lean their head back and relax.

Remodeled Bathroom Courtesy of American Bath FactoryClawfoot bathtubs can be purchased in cast iron, acrylic and acrastone. Cast iron offers the benefits of being long lasting and the ability to be painted over and over again to match your changing style preferences. Acrylic Clawfoot tubs are more resistant to chipping and generally warmer than cast iron to the touch. Acrastone is an improvement upon the acrylic clawfoot tub. The acrastone clawfoot tub provides the acrylic porcelain appearance with a smooth exterior while offering durability, anti-fungus, anti-algae, and stain resistance. Much like the cast iron, acrastone clawfoot tubs can be ordered and painted to your hearts desire.

Remodeled Bathroom Courtesy of American Bath FactoryWith these improvements in the design and capabilities of the clawfoot tub adding the classic touch to your bathroom design is no longer an issue. Clawfoot bathtubs are now sold with champagne massage air jet systems and whirlpool water massage systems, comparable to the drop in bathtubs with airbath and whirlpool bath capabilities. The champagne massage air-jet system is complete with a lightweight air blower system which is easily moveable for user convenience. Strategically placed air-jets send bubbles throughout the bath, these bubbles naturally rejuvenate the joints by loosening muscle tension. The champagne air bath is quiet, powerful, and can be controlled through remote control. For those that are looking for the full whirlpool jet experience, the Caspian model clawfoot tub is a desirable alternative. These clawfoot tubs are complete with six fully adjustable jets, and a rotating back massage jet, the comfort of this tub is completed with side armrests.

The days of the clawfoot bathtub being considered outdated are long gone. The complete redesign of the classic bathroom can be purchased in a package, saving time, money and the frustration of looking for matching accessories. Designers are now using this classic beauty to add a chic touch to their modern designs. If you have been considering purchasing a bathtub consider the clawfoot tub to complete your remodel, unlike traditional bathtubs the clawfoot bath can be ordered and painted to your liking.

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