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Choosing The Right Door Hardware

Choosing The Right Door Hardware

When it comes to choosing door hardware, it can be a complicated decision, research needs to take place in order to choose the proper door hardware for your specific application. There are several things which can go wrong if you chose the wrong type; the holes may not line up, the holes may be a different size, you may not be able to use your existing key or have it rekeyed to match the rest of your locks which can make for an all around bad experience and effect safety. There are various things that people may not know when shopping for door hardware that they might never think to ask, so in the end they have a product that doesn’t fit or work with their existing door. This guide will analyze and breakdown what you will need to know about the different types of door hardware in order to get the product you want and be a satisfied customer. Door Hole Size

Door Hole Size: The first thing which needs to be addressed is the size of your door hole. Looking at the size of your door hole is important because sometimes older homes have smaller door holes and if you want to match the hardware to preexisting door hardware this needs to be considered. Chances are that the hole is a standard 2 3/4 inch hole. If your door hole is not a standard size, some door locks or handles come with adjustable parts which can be adjusted to fit your size.
Door Hardware Manufacturer
Door Hardware Manufacturer: The second thing which needs to be addressed is the previous door hardware manufacturer along with the door hardware manufacturers of existing door hardware you might be trying to match to. The reasoning behind this is that it’s much easier to match colors, keying and other features from the same manufacture that different manufactures. If it’s possible to buy door hardware from the same manufacture the chance for error or matching issues is greatly reduced.

Door Hardware Keying Door Hardware Keying: Thirdly, If you are replacing or need a keyed lock you’re going to want it keyed the same as the rest of your locks. Different door hardware manufacturers have certain key types they use for their locks. If you bought a different brand you might not be able to rekey it to your original keys. Some locks even have instructions and tools in order for you to rekey it yourself so you don’t have to take it to a locksmith. Make sure you note the type of key used elsewhere or by the old hardware if you needed it keyed the same.

Door Hardware Type Door Hardware Type: Lastly, The most common mistake a customer makes is that they don’t know if they bought the right door hardware for the door they are replacing. An example of this mistake would be if a customer bought a bedroom handle for a garage door, they may look identical but a bedroom door handle is a lot weaker than a handle made for a garage. Buying the incorrect door hardware could make the door work incorrectly or a more likely entry for burglary. There will typically be labels and sections for door hardware meant for a certain application and purpose. These are just a few examples why researching and finding the right products is important. After the research is done it is easier and safer for the customer in the long run.

Door Hardware Manufacturers: Researching and finding the right door hardware manufacturer to choose from is very important. The key points to look for is a company that has a long track record of making great products and a focus on door hardware. Four of the most notable door hardware companies that will be discussed have been in the door hardware business for a long time. One of the oldest companies that has been in the construction industry is Stanley. Stanley creates products that are safe and secure for commercial and residential needs. The typical homeowner can look to Stanley products because they usually carry products for older homes that may meet older standards and many homeowners trust the brand Stanley has created. Stanley provides excellent hardware that has long product life while also achieving great performance.

Two of the most popular brands of door hardware are Kwikset and Schlage, they provide a vast amount of door hardware products. Typically a homeowner will have existing keys to match one of these two brands. Both companies have different series of products that can meet a variety of needs or specifications for people who are on a budget or prefer high end high quality products. These two companies in most cases will have the locks that a consumer will be able to get rekeyed to their existing key and will also work on the rest of their hardware. Kwikset and Schlage both provide quality products that last a very long time and come in various different colors and styles that will fit the customer’s specific requirements.

Baldwin is considered to be one of the highest quality brands for door hardware. They have been in business since 1946 and promise that their door hardware will work and look great for 100 years. They support their product 100% because they make an excellently designed and durable product. While they have door hardware at all price points their are known to make products for people who want to purchase some of the best of the best products on the market. Baldwin mainly focuses on door hardware that only meets today’s construction standers, but many of their keys are also compatible with Schlage key types. These are just a few of many door hardware manufactures that produce a good quality product that lasts and has a diverse line of products to meet your needs and price range. These companies offer hardware products for locations all over the house or business and have a very large range of color options and styles.

In conclusion choosing the right door hardware should not be a without some thought; it takes some research in order to get the right product that fits a persons specific requirements. The customer needs to look at their existing product and find out what kind it is, where it is located, what color it is and what they may want to change the lock to, don't forget what the key looks like in case you want to get the new or older locks rekeyed. Asking these questions in advance could make the shopping experience easier as it will give a person the information and direction they need. Finding a lock that’s secure and durable is an important key point in order to keep a home or business protected, which is why these companies offer a wide variety of products. If you answer a few of the important questions, it will be much easier to find what you looking for. Most of the companies offer good products but it’s up to the customer to make the decision on what they want and how they want their new hardware to look and function.

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