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Vessel Sink Buying Guide

What Is a Vessel Sink?

Decolav 112T-TNG A Vessel Sink is a free standing sink that generally sits directly on top of the cabinet or vanity it is mounted on. These sinks come in a wide variety of styles and finishes which help to add an artistic quality to the look of your bathroom. Some are installed with mounting rings to bring the sink off of the surface, while others are installed a couple inches into the surface, giving it the appearance as if sink coming out of the cabinet

Vessel Sinks are becoming increasingly popular with builders due to being available in almost any material and finish option your heart desires. The main materials Vessel Sinks are available in are Copper, Glass, Granite, Marble, Stone, and Wood.

Vessel Sink Materials

De la Frontera RV-01 Copper Vessel Sinks - Copper Vessel Sinks are made completely of copper and add a rustic look to any bathroom. These sinks do not stain like some normal sinks do, but they can oxidize over time. You also need to be careful when cleaning the sink as it is a softer metal and is susceptible to scratches.

DeNovo CRB--6312 Glass Vessel Sinks - Glass Vessel sinks add an immediate wow factor to any bathroom they are added to. These sinks come in almost every style and color scheme you can think. Whether you would like Butterflies, the Mona Lisa, the Deep Tropics, or just a Plain Glass, there is one to fit your needs.

DeNovo CRB-GS-19 Granite Vessel Sinks - Granite sinks are beautifully made out of solid rock and add style and simplicity to any bathroom. When selecting a granite sink, always remember the harder the granite is the better, as softer granites can stain or etch.

De la Frontera HSOVM-01 Marble Vessel Sinks - Made from a hard metamorphic rock, marble adds beauty and durability to the bathroom. These sinks can be made to look like something straight out of the Renaissance or can be more Modern depending on your preference.

DeNovo CRB-OS-02 Stone Vessel Sinks - Stone is one of the oldest known materials used for manufacturing, and is constantly being updated to add a look that is both old fashioned and modern. It also contains a nonporous surface that resists scratches, which is a main selling point for large families with many kids.

De la Frontera TRNE-02 Wood Vessel Sinks - Wood Vessel Sinks are made completly of wood, and are starting to catch on as a viable option for new bathroom installations. One of the main reasons for this is wood vessel sinks are something you do not see every day and can give your bathroom a look that is elegant and warm. Since these sinks are designed to withstand use they are easy to maintain and very durable.

What Else to Consider when Buying a Vessel Sink

One of the main things you need to consider is whether or not your sink has an overflow. An overflow is a hole in top of the sink that drains the water if it comes to a certain point in the bowl. This is especially good to consider if you have kids that may leave the water on. Without an overflow drain simply leaving the water on can mean you now have an entire bathroom floor you will need to remodel.

Another important consideration is the mounting ring. The mounting ring is how the drain will screw into your new vessel sink, and mounts in between the sink and the counter top. If you would prefer to have the item sit flush with the counter top you can cut a hole into the surface to hold the vessel and act as the mounting ring, but this process is harder to accomplish and not recommended for all installations.

Many people believe that the same drain can be used for both a regular sink and a vessel sink, but that is not the case. Vessel sinks tend to have a longer outlet from where the drain starts to where it ends. Because of this, you would need to select a Vessel Sink Drain. Vessel Sink drains come in a couple different specifications. There is the Grid Drain which has a grid to stop items from falling into (it while still allowing it to drain), but does not have a mechanism for closing it. Next, there is an Umbrella Drain which also is not able to close, but allows the water to funnel down off of the top like an umbrella. Lastly there is a Push Button Drain. This drain will allow you to push down on the top of it to close and then open the drain. Push button drains are especially helpful if you would like to keep water in the sink for cleaning and soaking and do not want the water to drain out before you are done with it.

Lastly, it is important to use your imagination. There are so many different options available to you when you consider a Vessel sink, so you might not always want to go with your first choice. Consider all of the products and see which one most represents the look and personality you are looking to achieve with your new bathroom.

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