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Toilet Buying Guide


What is a Toilet?

A toilet, loo, head, commode, or water closet, is a plumbing fixture and disposal system primarily intended for the disposal of bodily wastes. The word toilet is usually used to refer to the fixture itself or to the room containing the fixture, in North American the word toilet typically refers solely to the fixture itself and not to the room that contains it.

Selecting a Toilet

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Round or Elongated Toilet Bowl

Round or Elongated Toilet?

Bowl style is the first thing to consider when selecting a toilet, different shapes offer different benefits. For example, round bowls take up less space while elongated bowls are typically more comfortable. Elongated toilet bowls work well in larger and high-traffic bathrooms, and some parents prefer it for potty training boys. A round toilet bowl takes up less space than an elongated bowl. This bowl works well in smaller, second bathrooms and powder rooms, and is recommended for potty training girls.

One-piece, or Two?

A one-piece toilet is actually six to ten individual pieces sculpted into a seamless unit. The result is a sleek, hand-crafted toilet with no crevices between the tank and bowl to collect dirt and odors. Two-piece toilets require a separate tank and bowl which are bolted together upon installation. The most common residential toilet is the two piece toilet, when purchasing a two piece toilet remember that the pieces may be sold separately and can sometimes be mixed and matched with different styled pieces. Wall-mounted toilets add an interesting touch to a bathroom and cleaning under them is much simpler. This fixture can be more expensive to install though because it requires a thicker wall to mount the toilet and house the tank and future maintenance could require reopening the wall.

Gravity-fed or Pressure-assisted Flush?

There are two basic types of toilet flushing systems; both types save water by typically using 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Gravity-fed flush toilets use the force of gravity and a siphon pull-through action to empty the bowl. Pressure-assisted toilets harness pressure from the water supply in the home to create a powerful push-through flush. All waste is removed quickly in about four seconds. Pressure-assisted toilets are slightly louder and there is no condensation or sweating on the outer tank.


Toilets come in varying sizes, so check the width, depth and height of your available space. Most toilets bolt to the floor 12" from the wall, but some manufacturers make 10" and 14" models.

Additional Considerations

Bowl Height – Toilet bowl seat height can vary and are made to accommodate the sitting down and standing up easier for people of all ages and statures.

Water Conservation - Some toilet models offer flushing options that conserve water, for example a dual flush: one for liquid waste and another for solid waste. The flush selector on these models is typically located on the side or top of the tank.

Toilet Seats – A wide variety of toilet seats are available to match any type of bathroom décor or replace an aging seat. Both multiple materials and colors are available along with additional options such as heat and bidet features.

Biological Toilets - Composting toilets or biological toilets use the natural processes of evaporation and aerobic decomposition to transform human waste into a nutrient rich hygienically safe product called humus.

Toilet Tanks and Toilet Bowls – Two seat toilets are often purchased as separate pieces and then installed together. Keep in mind that when purchasing a toilet to checkout the toilet tanks and toilet bowls section for even more opportunities when styling a bathroom.

Toilet Tank Levers and Flush Actuators – Often times matching accessories are available to coordinate a bathroom so that the faucet, sink, shower and or other fixtures are complimented by a matching toilet tank lever and other decorative bathware.

Toilet Repair Parts - Our selection of Toilet Repair Parts come from many of the top manufacturers like: American Standard, Danze, Duravit, Sloan, and Toto. If you require a repair part for your toilet such as a flush valve, flapper or assembly, look no further.

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