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Sterling: Beautiful Shower Doors and Bathtubs for Every Budget

Sterling Company History

Sterling Plumbing is a valued part of Kohler Co., but it started as Sterling Faucet Company in 1907. Sterling was a successful manufacturer of faucets and brass wear for bathrooms and kitchens until 1984 when Kohler Co. purchased it to expand the line and enter the retail sales market. Since that time, Kohler has purchased other companies to add to the Sterling line, making it a brand with many product lines.

Now Sterling carries stainless steel sinks, compressed fiberglass bathtubs and enclosures and vitreous china products, as well as the faucets and bath hardware that made it so popular. It is a brand of the well-respected Kohler Company who is a leader in kitchen and bath design with a great diversity of good quality products for both the American consumer and worldwide.

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Sterling Plumbing Product Line:

Sterling Plumbing Company has a very large online presence in today's market place. The homeowner can shop online in the comfort of their home, finding all the products they need for their bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. If you like to look at a catalog, you can request one online, and have it sent to you. Their product line consists of a wide range of products including Sterling shower doors, Sterling bathtubs, shower stalls, shower bases, toilets, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, bar sinks and more.

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Sterling Product Innovations:

There are many products available from Sterling that are made of solid Vikrell material. Vikrell is a material developed by Sterling Plumbing for shower enclosures, shower stalls, bathtubs and bathtub showers. It can look like a ceramic tile wall, but needs no grout. This material is easy to keep clean and durable for long wear. Another innovation from Sterling is "Clean Coat" a factory installed surface treatment to keep glass looking clean. It does this by preventing dirt and water from sticking to the surface. It is used on all Sterling shower doors and frameless shower doors.

Another innovation is the Sterling shower door track system. This is a smooth track that does not have grooves and ridges to trap water and soap scum. It is strong and stable, while allowing easy cleaning. Sterling makes the extra effort to design products that offer superior, safe performance every day. Features like anodized aluminum door frames, strong hinges and pivots, heavy duty by pass door tracks and tempered safety glass for every shower door, make Sterling the company to shop with.

Sterling bathtubs, Whirlpools, toilets and sinks come in stylish designs and finishes to match every style of home. You can purchase all of the fixtures you need for your whole house from Sterling and have them all coordinate with your home decor. All of the products are warrantied for customer satisfaction. Every product comes with installation instructions, and how to videos are also available. The online site has installing and measuring guides for every product line so that you will know that you are ordering the right size of each product to fit your space perfectly. The history and experience of the Sterling company and the Kohler Co. combine to make for customer confidence and satisfaction every time.

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