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Shower Head Buying Guide

Shower Head Buying Guide

A Shower Head is a very important and integral part of your bathroom. Most people do not realize the importance of the shower head, and typically use the same one that originally came installed with their house. A shower is supposed to be enjoyable, so why not make a smart investment and upgrade your current shower head to one of the many great options we have available.

What Shower head Should You Choose?

Many types of showerheads are currently available. They all contain different designs, functions, and finishes, which can make the decision of which one to choose an overwhelming one. There are two main types of shower heads, fixed shower heads, and hand showers.

Hand Showers

Hand Shower,Alsons 425 2210 With hand showers there are two things to be consider. The first is how you are going to mount the shower head. There are many options available including: arm mounted, wall mounted, wall bar mounted, ADA wall grab bar kits, and deck mounted .

The next consideration is if you want the hand shower to stand alone and replace you existing shower head, or if you want to combine a hand shower to your already existing fixed shower head. If you would like to combine them you can do so with a add-a-hand-shower or a shower arm diverter. By combining a hand shower with a fixed shower head, you create a very versatile showering system. You get the enjoyment of the constant overhead water, with the accuracy and mobility of the handheld shower.

ADA wall grab bar kits are also a great investment. These ADA kits, mount a hand shower to a grab bar allowing those needing additional assistance to more easily enter the shower.

Fixed Shower Heads

There are four types of fixed shower heads. They are: traditional shower heads, Shower heads with arms, rain drop shower heads, oversized shower heads.

Traditional Shower Heads

Traditional shower heads are what come standard in almost every home; However, this does not mean that they are all the same. Besides the actual design of the shower head, there are a few other option to choose from. One of the more important options is the finish. Most shower heads are available in wide assortment of finishes ranging from polished chrome to oil rubbed bronze. Specialty finishes are also available such as: antique treatments, pewter, and satin.

The next feature that needs to be decided upon is what kind of spray pattern you would like. A single-function shower head offers only one type of spray pattern, while a multi-function shower head offers many different spray patterns. These basic spray patters are: wide, pulsated, mist, and concentrated. Wide and mist spray patterns are what most people experience with their traditional shower heads, while pulsating creates a massaging effect, and concentrated gives you a strong focused stream of water to relax you muscles after a long day.

Shower Heads With Arms

Shower heads with arms offer all of the same options and aspects of traditional shower heads, however, they have an added arm and hinges between the base and the shower head. This offers greater flexibility for your shower head, as the angle and height of the shower head can be easily changed whenever needed. Shower heads with arms allow you to customizes your showering experience and are great for people that are taller as it can allow for easier height adjustment.

Rain Drop Shower Heads

Rain drop shower heads offer a very unique showering experience. They allow you to immerse your self in drops of water, trying to recreate the feeling of being outside in the rain. This type of shower allows great water dispersal over your body as the actual size of the shower head is generally a lot larger. Rain drop shower heads are offered in a wide range of finishes to match any bathroom decor, however they do not have different spray patterns like a traditional shower head does.

Oversized Shower Heads

Oversized shower heads offer many of the same features and options of traditional shower head, just in a much larger version. Oversized shower heads typically range from 5 inches all the way up to 14 inches. They resemble the rain drop showerhead in looks but have features more in tune to that of the traditional showerhead.


Here are some examples of finishes available for shower heads:
Antique Nickel Black Bright Brass Brushed Bronze Brushed Chrome
Antique Nickel Shower Head Black Shower Head Bright Brass Shower Head Brushed Bronze Shower Head Brushed Chrome Shower Head

Polished Chrome Chrome and Polished Brass French Gold Antique Copper Polished Nickel
Chrome Shower Head Chrome and Polished Brass Shower Head French Gold Shower Head Antique Copper Shower Head Nickel Shower Head

Oil Rubbed Bronze White Satin Nickel Polished Brass Wrought Iron
Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Head White Shower Head Satin Nickel Shower Head Polished Brass Shower Head Wrought Iron Shower Head

Other Considerations

Some shower also heads offer low-flow capacities. By law the maximum amount of water that a shower head can allow is 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM). These low flow shower heads typically use between 1.5 to 2 GPM. This not only helps our environment by using less water, but will also save you money on you water bill. In addition, if you would like more then just a showerhead you may also want to consider one of our customer shower systems