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Shower Door Buying Guide

What is a Shower Door?

Shower Doors, as the name implies, are useful for keeping water, in the shower and not all over the bathroom floor. Shower doors come in all shapes and size, as do the glass they are made of. Some come with a frameless clear glass design that gives the bathroom a wider more spacious feel, while others are aluminum framed pieces of frosted glass that conceal the showerer from passers. Shower Doors come in a number of different materials, door types, glass types and frames, with all these options, one is guaranteed to meet your needs.

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Selecting a Shower Door

The selection of a Shower Door will depend on the following criterion:

  1. Application: Where is the shower door going to be installed? Is there a bathtub that needs to be taken into consideration, or is there just a shower pan? These are all important questions to ask when selecting a shower door. The size of the door is dependent on whether or not it has a tub. If it does not have a bathtub you will then have to decide if it has a regular shower pan or a neo angle shower door (seen on the right). From there you should know what type of shower door you need.

  2. Material: Most shower doors come with a piece of glass surrounded by a metal or plastic frame to sturdy the glass. Many modern frames are made from a heavy duty aluminum that makes keeping the water in the shower a breeze while also adding increased reliability from the strength and support of the shower door. Frameless shower doors are also available, these doors do not contain a metal frame and normally have a thicker glass that compensates for the lack of metal stability. Frameless shower doors are most often used when you do not want a door that connects from one wall to the next, as they normally come equipped with a swinging doors that allow for a more spacious and relaxing shower experience.
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  4. Size: Size is the most important consideration when selecting a shower door. Whether you need a smaller door to go above a tub or a larger door for bathrooms with a high ceiling, there is a shower door for you. Make sure you measure the space where you are installing the shower door as accurate as possible, as doors are normally measured to the 1/4 of an inch and measuring it even a little incorrectly could be the difference between your 500 dollar shower door working perfectly or becoming a return.

  5. Door Type: The last thing you need to consider when selecting a shower door is the way you would like it to open. You can have a bypass shower door that slides from one side to the other, or you can have a pivot shower door that is mounted on a hinge to open outward like a normal household door. Both have there benefits but the selection of a door type ultimately comes down to personal preference, and the amount of space your bathroom has.

Selecting the Type of Shower Door Glass

There are three main types of shower door glass, typically you want a glass that is at least 5 to 6 mm thick. Most all shower doors are made of tempered glass, which means if they break, they will break into many small pieces to avoid hurting the user.

  1. Clear Glass Shower Doors: Clear Glass shower doors give the appearance of a large and spacious bathroom, even when it is a small space. Frameless doors are one of the most requested bathroom additions. A frameless clear glass door can change your bathroom into a modern work of art and leave neighbors and guests amazed at how a bathroom can look. Clear glass shower doors can also come with lines or designs on them, to add the subtly touch to your bathroom

  2. Frosted Glass Shower Doors: Frosted glass shower doors contain a glass that appears frosted and/or cloudy. This type of glass adds a mystery and beauty to your bathroom. Many people prefer this type of door as it is easier to keep clean then the clear glass shower door.

  3. Pattern Shower Doors: Plexi-Glass is a hard plastic that is available on many less expensive shower doors. Plexi-Glass shower doors give the appearance of glass without the danger of it shattering. Plexi-Glass shower doors can also be easier to install as it is less heavy then actual glass doors. Plexi-Glass comes in all of the styles regular glass comes in (frosted, lined and clear glass). Some people prefer this type of glass as they feel it is safer, but the majority opt for regular glass door.

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Shower Door Manufacturers

We sell many different shower doors from many different manufacturers. You can browse American Standard Shower Doors, Dreamline Shower Doors, Kohler Shower Doors and Sterling Shower Doors.