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Selecting the Right Drinking Fountain

Why update our drinking fountain?
drinking fountain It is unfortunate that many employers overlook the kind of drinking fountain they choose to install in their business. Although many see it as a menial task, one that does not require much attention, choosing the right drinking fountain can help save a significant amount of money and stress over time.

What should we look for in a new drinking fountain?
When looking for the right drinking fountain, the first thing you should consider is the materials it is made of. It is imperative that employers know what materials a drinking fountain is comprised of-- poor quality metals and metal alloys will rust and corrode, leeching rust into the water supply. These metals, when used, will also break apart in small pieces during the corrosion process, as mineral deposits eat away at the metal and open up small leaks that can result in costly damage to your facility. Water damage repair is not cheap, and mold infestations can cause serious health problems. Even worse, a poorly made fountain may house mold inside of it for months and sicken your employees until someone realizes the fountain is the culprit. The wrong materials can also foster a breeding ground for harmful, even deadly, bacteria and viruses. The best drinking fountain is one that is easy to clean and made of materials that will not harm your employees or your office!

Are there any other things we should think about to improve our drinking fountain?
A filtration system is another important thing to consider. The quality of a drinking fountain means nothing if the water flowing through it is undrinkable. Your employees do not want to drink water that tastes awful, and staying hydrated will keep them healthier (thus leading to fewer sick days). You should consider opting for a fountain that has a filtration system, preferably one that is easy to change. An added filter can vastly improve the taste and quality of your office's water by removing undesirable components found in tap water. Some of these systems even allow you to add minerals to your water to taste, or even add an additional spigot that provides your employees and yourself with bottled-quality water. These types of spigots not only increase the quality of the water coming out of your fountain, they also benefit the environment by encouraging employees to use refillable water bottles or cups instead of disposable plastic bottles. Overall, choosing a drinking fountain requires much more thought than employers give it. The right drinking fountain can be highly beneficial to any company as long as the purchase is given careful thought.