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Roof Hatch Buying Guide

What is a Roof Hatch?

Roof hatches, sometimes called an access hatch, provides access to a roof or deck. Roof Hatches are typically designed to provide access to the roof of a building so equipment may be serviced or replaced and are sometimes required to meet certain specifications or building code.

Selecting a Roof Hatch

Roof Hatch, Access Hatch The selection of a roof hatch will depend on the following criterion:

  1. Material: Roof hatches are generally available in galvanized steel or aluminum construction. Stainless steel may also be available via special order.

    There are additional distinctions related to other roof hatch materials that should be considered. These include the thickness of the metal (measured as a gauge). Primarily, you will want to consider the thickness of the curb and the cover. One may also wish to consider the insulation type (most roof hatches feature fiberglass insulation).

  2. Size: Roof Hatch sizes vary from 24” x 24" to 30” x 96”. Roof hatches are sized according to the hatch opening size, not the full outer dimensions. You are looking for a clearance measurement.

    Custom sizes are normally available via special order with a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks.

COMPARISON CHART - This comparison chart is to aid in cross referencing Babcock-Davis Roof Hatches against other manufacturers' models.
  Size Babcock-Davis
Bilco Milcor Nystrom
Aluminum: 2'6" x 3'0" 6-104 B-RHA3630 S-50 RDS-1 RHA3630
  2'6" x 4'6" 6-204 B-RHA3054 NB50 RD-2 RHA3054
  2'6" x 8'0" 6-304 B-RHA3096 L50 RD-3 RHA3096
  5'0" x 11'0" 6-404 B-RHA60132 D RD-4 RHA60132
  6'0" x 11'0" 6-504 B-RHA72132 D RD-5 RHA72132
  8'0" x 8'0" 6-604 B-RHA9696


RD-6 B-RHA9696

(prime painted)

2'6" x 3'0" 6-101 B-RHG3630 S-20 M-1 or RB-1 RHG3630
  2'6" x 4'6" 6-201 B-RHG3054 NB20 RBS-2 RHG3054
  2'6" x 8'0" 6-301 B-RHG3096 L20 RBS-3 RHG3096
  5'0" x 11'0" 6-401 B-RHG60132 D RB-4 RHG60132
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