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Price Pfister: A Century of Faucet and Shower Innovation

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Price Pfister Company History

Price Pfister, as a leader in the plumbing industry for almost an entire century, has developed some of the most innovative and dependable faucets, sinks and accessories, in a range of styles and finishes to suit your individual style. At Price Pfister, quality, performance, service and affordability are the building blocks for the brand. They constantly strive to offer the best design, quality, service and value.

Price Pfister products

Price Pfister Innovation Timeline:

  • 1910 - Pfister introduces its first product, the garden faucet.
  • 1960 - The Flowmatic shower handle allows fingertip control of water temperature and volume.
  • 1980 - With the Pforever Seal™, Price Pfister becomes the first major manufacturer to convert to ceramic cartridge technology on all product lines, offering a lifetime guarantee against leaks and drips.
  • 1997 - The Pfilter Pfaucet redefines the entire water filter industry by integrating a filter into the spout of faucet and introduces The Pforever Warranty, covering finish and function for life.
  • 2009 - As an industry leader Price Pfister will continually design and develop products which are innovative, lead-free compliant and environmentally conscious.

Price Pfister Product Line

The Price Pfister Product Line:

Price Pfister is one of the most influential and stylish companies on the market. They manufacturer everything from shower trim to faucets and bathroom accessories. All of their products are built with a quality and look that is not easily matched. Consider some of their top product families below.
Price Pfister Shower Trim Price Pfister Shower Head Price Pfister Single Handle Bathroom Faucets Price Pfister Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucets Price Pfister Towel Rings
Price Pfister R89-7CBC Price Pfister 015-DR1Y Price Pfister F-042-VGKK Price Pfister T43-YP0U Price Pfister BRB-B0CB
Price Pfister Soap Dispensers Price Pfister Single Handle Kitchen Faucets Price Pfister Two Handle Kitchen Faucets Price Pfister Laundry Faucets Price Pfister Valves
Price Pfister KSD-LCSS Price Pfister 526-50CC Price Pfister T531-YPC Price Pfister 69-020 Price Pfister 0X8-340A

Price Pfister Finishes

Price Pfister has a wide selection of finishes that match any rooms decor. From rustic look of antique copper and tuscan bronze, to the modern feel of stainless steel and brushed nickel, whatever look you are going for can find its home with a Price Pfister product.

Consider their many finishes to find one that will fit the look you are going for.

Price Pfister Finishes

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