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Little Giant Pumps: Pumps You Can Trust

Little Giant Company History

Little Giant Pump Company, which is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,USA, has become a leading supplier of many types of pumps, including everything from automatic drainage pumps for removal of condensate water, to air conditioning pumps and sump pumps. Little Giant condensate and sump pumps are known worldwide for their construction and high quality design which is the result of over 50 years of pump design and manufacturing expertise. With a wide array of production facilities, Little Giant Pump Company is also able to manufacture coolant pumps, sewage pumps, magnetic drive chemical pumps and submersible pumps for industrial equipment, while still making products for personal garden ponds and decorative fountains.

Many consumers on the west coast are not as aware of Little Giant, but those int he east and southern areas of the United States rely heavily on Little Giant Pumps for the time of the year when they experience many storms and need a product they can rely on for water removal. Little Giant also has a very respected line of ladders that they sell along with their many different types of pumps.

Little Giant
Little Giant Products

The Little Giant Product Line:

Whether you are looking for a pump to remove water from your basement, or a magnetic drive pump for your shop, Little Giant makes them all. Two of their most popular lines are their sump pump line for removing grey water effectivly, and their fountain pump line which keeps that beautiful garden fountain you have pumping flawlessly. Browse the below product lines to see all of the different pumps you can find from Little Giant.
Little Giant Sewage Pumps Little Giant Fountain Pumps Little Giant Sump Pumps Little Giant Magnetic Drive Pumps Little Giant Utility Pumps
Little Giant 9S-CIA-RFS Little Giant PES-100-PW Little Giant 6-CIA Little Giant 3-MD-SC Little Giant 5-MSP
Little Giant Effluent Pumps Little Giant Condensate Pumps Little Giant Transfer Pumps Little Giant Evaporative Cooler Pumps Little Giant Aquarium Pumps
Little Giant 6E-CIA-SFS Little Giant VCMA-15ULS Little Giant 370 Little Giant CP2-115 Little Giant TE-5.5-MDQ-SC
Little Giant Part Washer Pumps Little Giant Swimming Pool Cover Pumps Little Giant Tube Pumps Little Giant Machine Coolant Pumps Little Giant Water Removal Systems
Little Giant PE-2YSA Little Giant 5-APCP Little Giant LG-100 Little Giant VMC-1 Little Giant WRS-5
Little Giant Ice Machine Pumps Little Giant Circulator Pumps Little Giant Pressure Booster Pumps
Little Giant RIM-3 Little Giant CMD-100-5B Little Giant JPT-12-6

Little Giant Pond Decor:

Pond Fountains by Little Giant are an beautiful, affordable and easy way to bring new life to your home or garden. These self-contained water fountains are versatile and portable with an easy to assemble structure that makes them ready to use in minutes. They bring the soothing sound of water in motion, relaxing energy and old-world charm to your garden, patio, veranda, sitting room, and foyer; just about anywhere inside or outside your home.

Quality Features
  • Lightweight, portable, self-contained design
  • Include unique integral planters
  • Ease of assembly makes them ready to use in minutes
  • Rotational molded polyethylene is durable and watertight
  • Hand-finished, realistic colors and accent designs
  • UL listed utility pump is oil-free and energy efficient

Little Giant Pond Decor