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Jacuzzi Bathtubs: The Experience Your Body has Been Waiting For

Jacuzzi Company History

Jacuzzi believes baths and spas are about more than just getting clean. They provide high-performance products that help the customer feel immense relaxation, while taking into consideration the look and design in an attempt to give you the best bath experience you can imagine. They have a history of listening to customers wants and needs and implementing them in a continual search for how to provide a better bathing experience.

Roy Jacuzzi was the original creator of the Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy Bathtub (adding a jet with messaging air to a bathtub). Because of this, Jacuzzi has been able to connect with the customer and has allowed them to experience Hydrotherapy in the comfort of their own home bathroom. This is just one of the many innovations Jacuzzi has created over is 30 years as a company.

For as long as they have been in business, Jacuzzi has been committed to designing bath and spa products focused on enhancing the way you feel. This innovation has helped customers attack the stresses of daily life with a relaxation that is second to none. They are constantly improving on the quality of the product and the features that are available. Jacuzzi will not stop until they provide the ultimate experience for their customers, one that makes them think of their Jacuzzi bath the minute relaxation pops into their mind.
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Jacuzzi Bathtub

Jacuzzi Bathtubs

Jacuzzi sells a wide assortment of bathtubs from many different collections. Browse the collections below to find the product that is right for you.

Allusion Amiga Bellavista Capella Duetta Elara Finestra Fresco
Jacuzzi Amiga Jacuzzi Bellavista Jacuzzi Capella Jacuzzi Duetta Jacuzzi Elara
Fuzion Gallery Luna Luxura Mito Nova Opalia Real
Jacuzzi Fusion Jacuzzi Gallery title= Jacuzzi Luna Jacuzzi Mito Jacuzzi Nova Jacuzzi Opalia Jacuzzi Real
Riva Sabella Signa Tara Torretta Venicia
Jacuzzi Riva Jacuzzi Sabella Jacuzzi Signa Jacuzzi Tara Jacuzzi Torretta Jacuzzi Venicia

Jacuzzi provides many different families of bathtubs, all designed specifically for the needs of the customer. Many different finishes and styles are available ranging from traditional White, to Almond and Oyster. There are four main types of tubs that Jacuzzi makes, they are, Soaking Tubs, Whirlpool Tubs, Air Bath Tubs and Salon Spas.

Jacuzzi Soaking Tubs

Jacuzzi Soaking Tubs are exactly that. They provide the customer with a beautifully crafted soaking bathtub that the customer can relax in and relieve their stresses. They are elegantly designed with the same consideration that goes in to all Jacuzzi tubs, but do not provide any jets or air blowers.

Jacuzzi 9360959

Jacuzzi Whirlpool Tubs

Jacuzzi Whirlpool Tubs are the perfect tub for a creating a relaxing retreat. These tubs are designed to mimic the feel of a hot tub in the comfort of your own home. Whirlpool tubs have many different types of jets at many different locations around the tub, all designed to maximize your relaxation.

Jacuzzi B460-959

Jacuzzi Air Tubs

Jacuzzi Air Tubs: Step in, sit back and feel the pure pleasure of being caressed by thousands of warm air bubbles exploding on every inch of your body with Pure Air. Where whirlpools circulate a combination of air and water to produce an intense, targeted massage, air baths, by design, create a softer, subtler, full-body experience. The only thing that churns the water in a Pure Air bath is just that: pure, heated air. The result is a gentle, scintillating immersion - bubbly relaxation that is more champagne than shiatsu.

Jacuzzi BE20-959

Jacuzzi Specialty Tubs

Jacuzzi Salon Tubs are made for the people who want just a little bit more from their tubs. Salon tubs combine the therapeutic power of Whirlpool tubs with the gentle bubbles of air baths. By doing this they truly create the ultimate experience that will make you never want to leave the comfort of your tub. They also have a line of Salon Spas that include a door. This door provides easier access to the tub while still keeping the heat and water in with its three dual-tension latches.

Jacuzzi EV90959

Jacuzzi Accessories

Besides redesigning how you take a bath, Jacuzzi has also created many perfect accessories to help you complete your tub.
Jacuzzi Bath Faucets, Drains and Pillows are also available

                     Jacuzzi T581-826                      Jacuzzi EM79827                      Jacuzzi H682-959

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