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How to Select a Pot Filler

Kohler pot fillers

Pot Fillers are the perfect enhancement to any kitchen and they are also practical. The pot fillers function is to provide water at a more accessible location near the stove and in doing so help to keep you from spilling water when transfering pots and pans from the sink to the stove. Pot fillers are designed to easily hook into your water line and hang aboce the stove to create the perfect accesory to any kitchen.

Pot fillers come in a variety of styles and models such as dual or single jointed swivel spouts, dual or single handles, and wall mounting or countertop mounting. The addition of countertop mounting allows the pot filler to be able to mount where the water s most accesable.

Types of Pot Fillers:

Pot fillers all function in the same way, but they come in many different styles to match the look of your kitchen. Single Jointed Pot Fillers have one spout that can simply be pushed to the wall, or swivel out over the pot. Double jointed pot fillers have two swivels that allow more control over where the pot filler can reach and come with either one or two handles. Lastly you can select a pot filler that mounts on the wall, or one that mounts to the countertop. Check out the different options below.

          Single Jointed Swivel Spout           Double Jointed Swivel Spout           Single Handle
          Single joint pot filler           double joint pot filler           single handle pot filler
          Dual Handles           Wall Mounting           Countertop Mounting
          dual handle pot filler           wall mounted pot filler           countertop mounted pot filler

Pot Filler Standouts:

Here are some of the top pot fillers we have on PlumberSurplus.com.

The Kohler K-7322-4-BS HiRise wall-mount kitchen pot filler features a stylish wall mounting design by Kohler. The Kohler pot filler is manufactured in stainless steel and comes with a beautiful brushed stainless finish. It incorporates a 24’’ reach and uses an anti-rotational flange to avoid leaks. This pot filler is designed to be able to the maximum distance without sacrificing any design elements in the process.

The Grohe 31 040 SD0 Deck Mount Pot Filler brings a modern look to the countertop with its innovative style by Grohe. The Grohe pot filler is constructed of solid brass and comes with an stainless steel finish. This pot filler is mounted directly to the deck and has a high reach that allows most normal pots to fit easily underneath it.

The Rohl A1451LPTCB Swing Arm Pot Filler features a tasteful wall mounted design by Rohl. This Swing Arm Pot Filler has porcelain levers and comes in a tuscan brass finish. It also has a unique no slip escutcheon and it can be folded away when not in use.

 Kohler pot filler

Grohe pot filler

Robern pot filler

There are many types and different variations available for the pot fillers, so it is important to browse the entire section to find the best product for you! Consider some of the top brands from Rohl pot fillers, Kohler pot fillers, Danze pot fillers.