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Essential Items for a DIY Project

We all know the world of DIY is one where you try to save as much money as possible while still turning your house into something beautiful, and even more personal because you made it with your hands. The road of the DIYer is one of frustration and hurt fingers but with preservation, joy in the product that is created from your own hands! Here is a list of the top products we feel the DIYer should have in their home and the reason for them. Check it out below, and seriously consider picking up what you don’t already have.

Must Haves

Drill and Drivers

The cordless drill is the go to product for any DIY project. It is a staple of efficiency. A good drill will help you complete a project in no time while a bad one will leave you looking for the screwdriver. A cordless drill is also a plus as it will give you more mobility and less time spent looking for a wall outlet, just make sure you have an extra battery.

Tape Measure

Whenever I start working on a project I always make sure I have my tape measure ready. There is nothing worse than a incorrectly measured piece to mess up your progress. Since I am always misplacing mine I tend to have more than one around the house in case I cannot remember where one was left. Make sure you invest in a good tape measure today.


Everyone probably has one in their home, but no DIY project is complete without the use of some type of hammer. Whether it mini hammer or the Fubar having a trusty hammer at home will make a huge difference.

Hand tool set

Having to buy all the screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets and pliers can get expensive fast. I always recommend purchasing a good hang tool set that will include all of these products and more. That way you wont have to realize during the job that you forgot to get a 3/8ths inch socket and have to go back to the store.

Stud Finder

There is nothing worse then putting screws in the wall that fall down due to there not be a stud. Invest in a stud finder today so you can see where the studs are and forget about having to use anchors.


A good level is essential to helpingy our project look as professional as possible. Pictures that are hanging at an angle are instantly recognizable to guests that come to the home. With new technology there are laser levels as well, that will help you with projects that are as long as a normal house wall. Make sure a level is part of you DIY arsenal

Worth Investing in

Rotary tool

I’m positive that if you are into DIY you have seen the Dremel Oscillating Multi Tool. These types of tools are a must for DIY home improvement. In the box they come with a sander, cutter, grinder and scrapper attachments. If that isn’t enough for you there are dozens of additional add ons that will allow the tool to take any form needed, a must for every DIYer.

Reciprocationg Saws

Sometimes referred to as a Sawzaw, reciprocating saws are perfect for quick fixes and cuts where the rotary tool is to difficult and the circular saw is over kill. These saws have replaceable blades and can cut through everything from metal to stucco. Consider a reciprocating saw when doing work around the home.

Electric sanders

If you are doing a lot of refinishing a electric sander can be the way to go. These sanders are designed to take the grit you require and continuous sand the item without you having to grab a piece of paper and go back and forth with your hands. A perfect investment for the wood worker.

Tool bag

If you are anything like me you spend just as much time looking for tools as you do actually working. To help with that you should invest in a good tool bag. These make it easy for anyone to organize their tools thus having them there when they are needed.