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Electronic Door Lock Buying Guide

What are Electronic Door Locks?

An Electronic Door Lock is a type of lock that has a mode of operation similar to the electronic lock button on a cell phone or some types of cars. It works by having digital keys on a keypad that allow the user to enter a secret combination of numbers to unlock the door. These numbers can be programmed by the doors owner and easily switched if they feel the numbers have been compromised. This feature is a big step in door hardware, one that virtually eliminates the lock picking skills of a clever burglar to give your home or office an enhanced level of security.

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Why Customers Choose Electronic Door Locks?

Electronic door locks give you the freedom to leave your keys at home and eliminate the stress of possibly losing them. Also, you will no longer have to worry about accidentally leaving your door unlocked and someone breaking in. Example: if your nanny is fired, an employee is terminated, or tenants are evicted you simply have to change the password and the security of the house is reset. With electronic door locks you can choose to have a telephone notification sent to you to inform you of the entrance or exit from your home or place of business. This is especially helpful for protection during times when you know no one is supposed to be home. Electronic door locks are also safe from blackouts and you will still be able to unlock and lock your doors despite having a power outage.

How to Choose the Right Electronic Door Hardware

Schlage Electronic Door Locks Depending on what type of area the electronic door lock will be placed, there are many different types you can choose from. Financial institutions such as banks for example, must be pretty complex and consist of a door lock that will only allow access at certain times and for a certain time period. They must also be able to log who enters the building to keep track of possible theft or intrusion. The best systems are networked in order to achieve stability and safety. These networked systems work simultaneously to allow entry into only certain doors at certain times. Schlage Electronic Door Locks

In general a mechanical door locks dependability and durability are important to the safety of your home, however, only the RF card electronic door locks are a completely closed structure that is only accessible to the person that knows the combination of numbers. Another major element of these advanced door locks are that they can guard against technology vandalism. You will no longer have to worry about having to copy keys with this type of door lock, the doors come equipped with a RF card that is fully-sealed, waterproof, anti-static, and has anti-dust features. When safety is your major concern, always consider a electronic door lock. For these products and more visit PlumberSurplus.com.

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