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Chronomite: How to Select an Electric Tankless Water Heater

Chronomite Tankless Water Heaters

Chronomite Labratories has been working with commercial and residential tankless water heaters and plumbing products for over 40 years. In that time they revolutionized the market through many different first such as the first microprocessor controlled tankless water heater that can send hot water to many different applications all with only one main heater. Through these and other innovations they have redefined the way both businesses and home owners can receive hot water.

During the 90's, waiting for hot water was still one of the largest wastes of water. Recognizing this, Chronomite set out in the late ’90s to manufacture the same convenient and eco-friendly product but using a more affordable and less wasteful technology. Chronomite was the first to patent a product that was 99 percent energy efficient and delivers instant, unlimited hot water. This technology also protects against scalding by moderating energy and controling output temperature, so water is delivered at a consistent, pre-set temperature.

Today, Chronomite tankless water heaters have evolved from a simple problem-solution product into a sustainable, safe, and efficient product for supplying hot water to the most challenging of locations.

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Chronomite Electric Tankless Water Heater Comparison Guide:

Deciding on the perfect electric tankless water heater can be difficult. Chronomite has made a comparison chart of their best heaters and the ideal uses for them. Whether its for a bar sink or an emergency eyewash station, the below guide will help you pick the right heater.

Chronomite electric tankless water heater comparison chart

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