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Belle Foret: Beauty through Bathroom Faucets and Kitchen Sinks

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Belle Foret Company History

Belle Foret is a company on the forefront of expanding style by simply creating a unique product that changes the look and feel of the modern bathroom. Inspired by the French country side, their designs look both modern and antique. They blend style with both a price and beauty that is unmatched. No matter how you feel about their style you will not see another product like it. Belle Foret products include kitchen and bathroom faucets, copper sinks, stone sinks, vanities, furniture and accessories. Consider their most popular, Belle Foret Faucets and Belle Foret Kitchen Sinks.
Belle Foret products

Belle Foret:

Belle Foret defines their product line on reinvention. From their brushed sinks with hammered patterns, to beautiful bathroom furniture that is at home in every bathroom. The products showcased to the right are just a small amount of the different styles and products that are available from the Belle Foret line. These products are perfect for the modern home as well as the antique farmhouse, continue to browse other elements of the product line below.

Belle Foret Product Line

The Belle Foret Product Line:

Belle Foret manufacturers everything from Bathroom Faucets and Kitchen Sinks to towel bars an robe hooks. Some of their most popular product lines are showcased below.
Belle Foret Bathroom Faucets Belle Foret Towel Bars Belle Foret Tub Faucet Belle Foret Vessel Sink Belle Foret Sink Drains
Belle Foret N390 01 TB Belle Foret DTB525 CP Belle Foret N405 02 CP Belle Foret C10WC Belle Foret NLD5 CP
Belle Foret Bathroom Furniture Belle Foret Kitchen Faucet Belle Foret Kitchen Sinks Belle Foret Laundry Faucets Belle Foret Stop Valves
Belle Foret BF80071R Belle Foret N230 01 ORB Belle Foret BFC4BAR ORB Belle Foret N600 01 CP Belle Foret NTLTS01 ORB

Frequently Asked Questions

Belle Foret sells a wide amount of product, below are some of the common questions received on Belle Foret products.

  1. What is the difference between ceramic & washerless cartridges?
  2. Ceramic is a quarter turn and better material. The control of the water flow is done by a replaceable cartridge or arrangement of seals that allow water flow when the holes or ports are lined up in the proper configuration.

  3. Are our finishes pvd?
  4. Belle Forét -- Polished Brass, Stainless Steel, & Satin Nickel are PVD. Oil Rubbed Bronze & Weathered copper on sinks are living finishes.

  5. How does the pump vs. spiral handle work?
  6. Spiral pull forward and move left for hot and right for cold. Pump handle is lift up and move forward hot and back cold

  7. What is fireclay?
  8. Fireclay is denser and much heavier than vitreous china.

  9. Are there installation specs for your vanities?
  10. Yes. They are in our system, available to fax and they are also on our website.

  11. Can your vanity be sent separately from the top?
  12. No. They are preattached.

Belle Forêt Copper Basin Maintenance

Your Belle Forêt copper basin is a living finish – no two will be identical and any item or liquid coming into contact with your sink can affect the color. Over time, these “Living Finishes” will vary in color and tone, adding character and uniqueness to your Belle Forêt basin.

Please inspect your basin carefully before installing, as Belle Forêt does not warrant the finish after installation.

Maintenance Instructions
  1. Prior to first use, wipe basin with a dry cloth.
  2. Wipe dry immediately after each use.
  3. Applying a soft wax such as Faucet & Fixture wax, or Pledge furniture polish can add a temporary protective coating.
  4. NEVER use polishes with abrasives or rubbing compound, nor cleansers with abrasives (including “Soft Scrub” type) on your Belle Forêt basin. Important to remember: living finishes have no protective coatings. They are designed to change with time and use. Belle Forêt Weathered Copper and Oil Rubbed Bronze basins are finished to coordinate with Belle Forêt faucet finishes.

Belle Forêt Stone Vessel & Maintenance
Your Belle Forêt stone vessel is a natural stone that is hard and durable. Marble has an absorption factor that allows liquids that contact the surface to affect the color of the basin. A proper maintenance of the vessel will help protect the beauty of the stone. Please inspect your stone vessel carefully before installing, as Belle Forêt does not warrant the finish after installation.

Maintenance Instructions
  1. After installation, carefully clean your Belle Forêt stone vessel with a marble cleaner/sealer such as Faucet & Fixture wax.
  2. Wipe dry immediately after each use. Do not allow water spots to dry on the vessel.
  3. Applying a marble wax (see #1) can provide a temporary protective coating against daily use.
  4. NEVER use cleansers with abrasives (including “Soft Scrub” type) nor harsh chemicals on your Belle Forêt stone vessel.
  5. Important to remember: To help keep you basins beautiful, keep them cleaned and dry immediately after use.

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