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Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

What is Bathroom Furniture?

Bathroom furniture can add stunning design to complete any bathroom renovation project and include furniture such as bathroom vanities, bathroom mirrors, bathroom cabinets etc. Bathroom furniture can add many different feelings to a bathroom; bathroom furniture can make a bathroom look bigger, smaller, feel comfy etc.

Bathroom Furniture Diagram:

Bathroom Furniture Diagram
  • MirrorsBathroom mirrors are central to the look of a bathroom and can be simply framed and mounted to the wall or come with built-in cabinetry. They come in a sizable assortment of shapes, sizes and styles to fit any personality. Also available are shaving/make-up mirrors that can be wall-mounted with an extending arm for space-saving purposes. A bathroom mirror can define the style of a bathroom and bring elegance while remaining, as always, functional.

  • VanitiesVanities are traditional and timeless choices for cradling sinks while offering storage as well as creating definition for the style of a bathroom. Some vanities are simply stated with a sink and stand to disguise the piping, while others are substantial pieces of furniture with drawers, cabinetry, and dual sinks with a counter top. Vanities come in a large variety of styles and sizes and can offer a more classical touch or a modern flare to your bathroom. Many vanities can come with basin, counter-top, and faucet included.

  • Vanity Cabinets - Vanity cabinets offer storage as well as style. Whether you prefer a classical style or would like a more modern look, vanity cabinets can be the center of attention in any bathroom. Vanity cabinets can hold one or two sinks and have additional space for drawers or under sink storage. They come in a large selection of colors, styles and sizes and with basin, but they don't typically include sink, counter-top, or faucet.

  • Vanity Counter Tops - Vanity tops come in a wide variety of materials, colors, and styles fit for any bathroom vanity cabinet. Vanilty tops are a great way to create a new feel in your bathroom without having to remodel everything. They can soften the look of your bathroom or make it more edgy. Vanity tops can be found with any number of basin and/or faucet holes. Some are designed to nestle a vessel sink, while others are more traditionally designed to hold under or top mounted sinks.

  • Vanity Top Sinks - Vanity top sinks are the vanity counter top and basin together, whether all one piece or separate pieces. Some vanity top sinks are packages including countertop, sink bowl and faucet all meant to compliment each other. Vanity top sinks mount to a preexisting vanity base or mounting legs and come in an wide range of styles, finishes and materials.

  • Cabinet or Apothecaries - Cabinets offer storage and style to any bathroom. Cabinets come in a large selection of styles from a modern bath bench with drawers to a classic recessed mirrored cabinet. Some cabinets are free standing for extra storage space for towels and toiletries. Apothecaries impart old-world style while offering storage space in your bathroom. Originally used to store herbs and powders for medicines, apothecaries are now functioning as an alternative to traditional cabinetry. Great for any bathroom, whether large or small, apothecaries offer not only storage for towels, medicines, and other toiletries, but are beautifully crafted pieces of furniture.

  • Medicine Cabinets - Medicine cabinets are an excellent storage solution for a bathroom, while adding depth of style. Medicine cabinets come in several colors to match your existing bathroom furniture and can be mounted to the wall. Some features include cabinet doors that are see-through, a drawer and adjustable shelves.

  • Console Tables & Washstands - Console tables and washstands provide a stylish space-saving solution for small bathrooms or for those who like minimal furniture in their bathroom. Whether supporting a wall-mounted sink, or nestling a vessel or above counter sink, console tables and washstands offer both style and function. Many come with a towel bar, a drawer or a tray for storage. Some are designed to be both sink and stand, all in one. Many console tables and washstands are free-standing, while others are meant to be mounted to the wall and are designed to disguise the piping.

Selecting Bathroom Furniture:

When selecting bathroom furniture keep in mind what your overall design goal is. Make sure you are choosing products that fit, match, and will age poorly. It is also smart to choose products from the same designer or manufacturer as different designers or manufacturers may say the same color but the colors may be slightly different. Before you start buying items for your bathroom make sure you are positive and confident in the design and idea which you want. Your best bet would be to make a plan and actually list out what you would like to include, who the designer is, what the color is, and where you want it. Many people get over excited about any room design and start buying buying buying, what ends up happening is things don't match, don't fit, or are just not what they really wanted. As long as you have a set plan for your bathroom you can take as long as you want to buy what you want, meaning a little bit here and a little bit there.

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