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Working Products Inc.
When Washington's Mt. St. Helens blew its famous stack in 1980, thick, gray volcanic ash fell on homes throughout the Pacific Northwest--including Bruce Chisholm's. It fell on the roof. And it gathered in the gutters. When Bruce tried to clean the ash out of his gutters he quickly discovered that there was no existing tool that would do so efficiently, whether you were trying to clean out ash--or just the usual glut of leaves. He needed a scoop that would fit into narrow gutters, avoid overhanging shingles, flare to fit the gutters' shape, and be easy to use. Using a sheet of flexible plastic and a wooden handle, Bruce constructed just such a tool. After a little more "R&D," the uniquely shaped scoop was working like a charm. Bruce did more product testing, trying out his invention on the gutters of friends and neighbors. The Gutter Getter® was to be molded of durable, but flexible polypropylene in a single piece. It was designed with an extended tongue that reaches under gutter supports as the scoop itself flexes to fit the gutter. A narrow heel makes it easy to pull the loaded scoop out of the gutter. A high handle position protects the user from scrapes. Soon the bright red-orange Gutter Getter® was ready for sale by Bruce's new company, Working Products, Inc
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