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WM Harvey
WM Harvey began in 1944 when it's founder William H. Harvey created the Bol-Wax, a pre-formed wax gasket for setting toilet bowls. With 25 years of experience as a master plumber WM Harvey knew that the seven different waxes used to create Bol-Wax must never harden, deteriorate, or dry out. Today the WM Harvey product offering has expanded to include solvent cements, primers and cleaners, pipe thread sealants and tapes, lubricants and gasket materials, wax toilet bowl gaskets and toilet installation kits, epoxy and plumbers putty, caulks and sealants, washing machine hoses and boxes, toilet repair parts and fasteners, soldering and abrasive supplies, antifreeze, spa and hot tub chemicals, hand and surface cleaners, drain cleaning chemicals and tools, and many more.
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