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Thomas & Betts
Thomas and Betts offers one of the broadest product lines in the electrical industry, supplying over 70 percent of the items used in a typical electrical application. From the earliest days of electrification over 100 years ago, Thomas & Betts has been a leader in providing products for commercial and industrial construction, industrial plant maintenance, repair and operation, electrical utility distribution, communications and original equipment manufacturing. From power transmission lines crisscrossing the countryside to local service entrance connections to outlet boxes behind the wall and electrical conduit in the ceiling, Thomas & Betts products help control the constant - and increasing - flow of power and data. They offer one of the broadest product lines in the industry, be it commercial, industrial or residential construction or equipment maintenance and repair or original equipment manufacturing. They also provide market-leading commercial heating and ventilation products. Whether hidden behind walls, concealed inside machinery and appliances, or dotting the landscape, it's a good bet that T&B products are present wherever electricity is required.
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