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STUDOR, INC is the distributor of the Studor brand of Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) for the plumbing industry. Studor has pioneered AAV technology since its introduction in the USA, and accordingly the industry refers to AAVs as 'Studor vents', the brand name in the industry. The development of AAVs has led to new and different ways to vent a plumbing drainage system. AAVs are an innovative way to replace the vent piping for a sanitary drainage system that extends through the roof to the outdoors. The Studor® AAV can be used in lieu of expensive and complex plumbing (open pipe) vent systems that penetrate roofs of buildings. The purpose of vents is to allow air to enter the plumbing drainage waste and vent system and equalize pressure when water drains out of the system maintaining the integrity of the water trap that prevents sewer gases from entering the building through fixture drains. When a plumbing fixture is operated, negative pressure causes the AAV to open, allowing air to enter and equalize the pressure in the system. When the flow stops, gravity closes the valve preventing sewer gas from escaping through the valve into the building.
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