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Rinse Ace
Idea Factory's first product Rinse Ace system was born September, 1993, at the home of company founder John and Patty Mueller. John asked Patty to clean the small shower stall in their home. Since John has always been the bathroom cleaner in the relationship. Patty's idea of cleaning the shower consisted of unloading the bottle of Tilex on every surface and letting it eat away the crud! She didn’t rinse away the chemicals, thinking the next person showering services as the rinsing device. Unfortunately for John, he got a mild chemical burn on the bottom of his feet! He agreed there was not an easy way to rinse the walls of their shower stall. He knew a hand-held shower could easily rinse the walls, but he hated the look of the clunky apparatus hanging there all of the time. While Rinse Ace Power Sprayer was invented to clean the shower, other uses became apparent. It was also great for rinsing legs while shaving, washing childrens hair, rinsing mini blinds and bathing family pets.
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