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Earthstone International
By applying this recycled glass to existing foamed glass technology, Ungerleider's team began creating a series of household cleaning and sanding products that worked better than the old pumice products. They are cleaner, easier to use and actually make household chores go faster. Very quickly, Earthstone recycled products began appearing on the shelves of retail outlets across the country. Currently Earthstone uses more than 1,300 tons of recycled glass each year. That's the equivalent of 5.3 million 8 oz. glass bottles. It's a mountain of glass that otherwise would be filling America's already crammed landfills. And of course, every ton of recycled products also means one less ton of pumice need be stripped from the sun-baked mountains of New Mexico. As more and more people discover the benefits of Earthstone recycled products less strip mining will be required.
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