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The first product offered by Bic was the Bic Cristal ballpoint pen in 1950. By 1965 Bic products were known in several countries. In 1969 Bic launched Bic Graphic, in 1973 the Bic Lighter was launched and the Bic Shaver in 1975. Bic continued to expand their product offerings to coloring and drawing products, the water sport market, and luxury and school fountain pens. By 2008 Bic added adhesive labels, promotional bags and the Bic Phone, offered in France, to their product offering. From stationary, lighters and shavers to promotional products, Bic has a vast product offering. The Bic vision is to create something simple, yet reliable, which eases something we all do, that everyone can use. Bic products provide easy answers for everyday needs.
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